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Chapter 1



    Halt, Will, Gilan, Horace, and their horses rode straight forward on the dark obsidian path with Wargals bounding close behind them. Halt turned his head towards one of the Wargals and pulled an arrow from the quiver. He pulled it back as his horse ran as fast as his legs could take him. Halt was about to release the arrow, when Abelard whinnied in shock and horror. A piercing scream came from in front of them. The Wargals turned to retreat to their hiding place. Then, Abelard slid to a stop. “Will! Horace! Take your horses to the woods and stay there until you see us!” Gilan shouted. Will nodded once, then turned Tug around and ran into the dark woods. Horace darted after him. Gilan watched the skies and the tops of the trees. Halt put the arrow back, and tried to get his horse back into place. Abelard’s legs were trembling with fear. All of a sudden, the poor horse sprang forward and bucked Halt off his back and galloped away. Halt landed on the cold ground. He gritted his teeth and groaned in pain. Halt was trying to warn Gilan about something. “Don’t get off your horse...” Halt choked. But it was too late... Gilan got off his horse.  When he turned, the horse had already run straight into the woods. He quickly forgot about it and ran to Halt. Halt stood up, and limped over to Gilan, who carefully put the older man’s arm on his shoulder to support him. “How are ya, Halt?” he asked sarcastically with a big grin. Halt, who was annoyed, glared at him with one brow raised. As if he was going to say “I knew you were going to do that stupid thing.” Gilan frowned and nodded. He knew he shouldn’t have said that to Halt. The scream came again, but this time it was louder. Gilan set Halt on a large rock and told him to stay put. And he did. Then, Gilan slowly pulled out his sword from its sheath. He held it out straight in front of him. He was listening for the creature’s mysterious movements. He heard nothing. Nothing at all... then there was a scream coming from the dark woods. It sounded human. Gilan’s eyes got wide and he turned to where Halt sat. “It found Will.” Gilan said worriedly. Gilan ran over to Halt, who gestured him to run after the screaming. “But—” Gilan cut off. He knew that he had to go. But he couldn’t leave Halt alone. “Just go Gilan!” He shouted. Gilan ran as fast as he could into the dark woods and disappeared. As he ran, he began to grow tired. But then he stopped. He saw something truly amazing. He saw Will protecting Horace and standing up to a large dragon. Will had shot four arrows at the dragon’s chest. The arrows weakened the dragon. But it still fought. Horace had two scratches on both legs. His sword was broken in half. Gilan was hoping that Will would be able to get one last arrow in the dragon’s heart. One last arrow... one last arrow.... Gilan thought. Will’s focus was incredible. He was about to shoot through the dragon’s heart. The dragon knew that it had to do something. Its pupil turned to slits and Gilan knew what that meant. Gilan knew Will would be dead if he didn’t do something. But he couldn’t think. His mind was blocked by fear. Then the dragon raised its paw, claws stretched, and ready to kill the young apprentice. Will’s eyes closed. He released the arrow. With incredible speed, it shot through the dragon’s heart. Gilan knew this wasn’t over. He started to run towards Will to knock him out of the way of the dying dragon’s powerful claws. But he was not fast enough. Then, the dragon had its last chance to strike. Its claws swiped across Will’s chest and he let out a scream of pain. The dragon dropped to the ground. Dead. Will was breathing hard. He gritted his teeth. Horace was crawling over to him and then he sat next to calm him down. Gilan rushed over to them. He saw how bad Will’s wound was. He’s not going to make it. Gilan thought. Gilan heard hooves beating on the ground. There were five white horses that have come around and stopped; then Gilan looked up at four more horses behind the white ones. Then he looked around and saw that these five horses had riders. They were Elves. They had found Halt and put him on his horse. Gilan hadn’t seen Elves in thirty years. He thought they were extinct. But now he saw them. In fact, he was a little afraid of them. “Young Ranger, do not fear us. We are here to help you. Your friend Halt told us when we were riding by, that we had to help you. And that is what we will do. Now, please reclaim your horse. And we shall help you and your friends get out of this dark place.” The leader of the Elves said. Gilan nodded and turned to his horse and whispered in his horse’s ears: brown eyes and got onto his horse. “Happy to see you again Blaze!” The horse whinnied happily in reply. The Elves helped Will and Horace with their wounds. And they rode out of the dark woods and back on the obsidian path.


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